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All of our services are available on an a la carte basis. Just need a deep line editor? No problem. Only want us to help you with publicity? We're happy to help. You don't have to purchase pricey all inclusive packages.

Individual Attention

We've heard the horror stories. Big publishers forgetting about the authors after the book comes out. Huge sums of money spent on a public relations firm that provided little value. We pride ourselves on providing individualized attention to all of our authors.

What Our Authors Say

  • This book has been one of the proudest achievements of my career. Eckhartz Press has been fantastic to me since I began working on it. Through every phase of the process, they were there to help. It’s fair to say that “Records Truly Is My Middle Name” would not exist – or would be a pale imitation of what it became, without the talented folks at Eckhartz Press.

    John Records Landecker, Records Truly is my Middle Name
  • I came to Eckhartz Press with some skepticism. In my role as president of the Chicago Writers Association, I have heard more tales of unhappy authors thank I care to share. They tell discouraging and disheartening stories of publishers who have not followed through with their promises. In many cases, these publishers have treated them more as an afterthought and gave them little or no support throughout the publishing process. I felt their pain, having had my own bad publishing experiences in the past. I'm happy to say that Eckhartz Press has washed away that skepticism. Rather than treating me as an afterthought, Eckhartz has made me feel like an equal partner. At all stages of the publishing process, from reviewing and editing my manuscript to designing and marketing my book, they worked with me hand-in-hand. The result is the book I wanted, one that fully embodies all that went into writing it. The quality of the finished product is first-rate and, unlike many other publishers out there, they don't stop working for you after they've published your book. They aggressively market your title so that it can sell. Their model works because they put the author first, not at the back of the line. A lot of blood, sweat and tears go into writing a book and Eckhartz matches that to give the author a book to be proud of.

    Randy Richardson, Cheeseland, Lost in the Ivy
  • I can't say enough about how valuable Eckhartz Press was to me during my book publishing adventure. Being a novice in the field, it was comforting to know that the details of getting a book published were being attended to by the experts Thanks to the Eckhartz staff, I could focus on writing, knowing that the other necessary tasks of getting the book to print were being handled in a very expeditious and professional manner. I highly recommend Eckhartz!

    Bruce Bohrer, Best Seat in the House, Diary of a Wrigley Field Usher
  • Eckhartz Press was great to work and helped me make Chug-A-Chug a reality. My son will always remember the book daddy wrote for him.

    Scott Redman, Chug-A-Chug
  • I can't thank Eckhartz Press enough. They made my dream a reality. I couldn't have asked for a better business partner.

    Chuck Quinzio, Life Behind the Camera
  • Dave and Rick at Eckhartz Press are great humans to work with if you have a book you would like to publish. They are attentive, smart, honest, straightforward and earnest. They have wonderful experience and valuable ideas to share. I wish I had another novel ready to be published just so I could hang out with them more. They are fantastic to work with. And I ended that last sentence with a proposition.

    Brendan Sullivan, The Living Wills
  • Eckhartz Press published my novel "Truffle Hunt" in March 2015.  They guided the manuscript from its first draft to final draft using not only their in-house expertise to offer suggestions to improve the book, but also their wide ranging contacts to bring the novel to market, including proof readers, graphic artists, printers and publicists.  Eckhartz Press is hands on and takes care to make sure every detail is covered.

    Brent Petersen, Truffle Hunt

Best Seat in the House, Diary of a Wrigley Field Usher

Records Truly Is My Middle Name, John Landecker

Father Knows Nothing, Rick Kaempfer

The Daly News, Chicago Icon Joel Daly


One of the best part of our jobs is seeing the author's face the instant we present them with the first book off the press. Suddenly, all the endless hours of writing and rewriting and rewiring become well worth it. Let us help you realize your dream of becoming a published author. We want to see your face.
With over twenty years working in Chicago media, we know how to get attention. We've placed our authors on countless television and radio programs, both nationally and locally. We can help you get the attention your work deserves.
With over twenty five years of print production experience, we can handle all aspects of the manufacturing process. From pre-press to post-press we can handle all the daunting details of printing your book.
Ask around, you'll find that our reputation is untarnished. Why? Because we truly have the best interests of our author's in mind. All the time.
We've embraced the brave new publishing world and have become experts in the ever changing digital platforms. Not only can we format and distribute your ebook, we can help you market it via all digital channels.

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