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Digital Marketing

In today’s brave new publishing world, one of the most effective way to market your book is through digital marketing. Any winning marketing plan has to include: a strong social media presence, a tailored website specific for your audience, an email marketing campaign that gets sales and a blog that engages your target market. We’ll develop a strategy that incorporates all elements of digital marketing.

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Website Design – We can design a website that perfectly reflects the manner and tone of your work. We’ll set up your blog where you can engage with your readers and potential audience. A la carte pricing starts at $299. Check out our value packages.


Social Media – It seems like there is a new social media platform introduced every week. We’ll steer you in the right direction and advise you what’s best.


Email Design and Distribution – Our authors have had great success using email marketing to sell their titles. Far less expensive than direct mail, email marketing delivers results. We’ll effectively design and distribute your blast. Blast packages start at $99. Check out our value options.


Online Advertising – In 2013, total internet advertising revenue was 117.2 billion dollars. Successfully using this medium is essential to the success of your book. Our graphic designers will design an engaging banner and our media buyers will place them where they’ll be seen. We can also manage your Facebook For Business and Google Adwords campaigns.