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Editing Services

If Charles Dickens, William Shakespeare and Mike Royko all had editors, so should you! We’ve got a stable of great professionals who will make your work shine through content, copy and deep line editing. All services available on an a la carte basis. Check out our value packages.



Content Editing – You need a professional who look over your manuscript with a magnifying glass. Our great content editors will catch things like inconsistent character behaviors, out of character speech, style issues, plot variances and readability. Most importantly a great CA will help you adjust your tone and language by audience (i.e adult fiction vs. young adult). They’ll make sure your plot arc makes sense, has believable character dialogue and a realistic plot-line. Great content editors help make great books.


Deep Line Editing – The George Custer of editing, the last line of defenseThe deep line editor makes sure you are putting out the best quality product possible and making it ready for publication. Line by line, the deep line editor checks grammar, punctuation, spelling, consistency and word usage. Our deep line editors will even help you restructure sentences.


Copy Editing/Proofreading – We have never seen a final draft without typos. Niver (see that?). You need a fresh set of eyes to check the manuscript for typos, grammar errors and clarity and flow. Spellcheck is not a copy editor.